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"The scope for pharmacy to make a real difference to communities across Northern Ireland has never been greater, with more opportunities than ever before"

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Pushing the Boundaries

Jacqui Hanley, a Senior Clinical Pharmacist, describes her role in Hospital Pharmacy

Re-inventing ourselves

Michael Cooper explains the ever-evolving role of the Community Pharmacist

Opening Doors to the Future

Rachel Huey of MOIC on how NI is leading in Medicines Optimisation

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Northern Ireland is the perfect place to develop your Pharmacy career. Now recognised as delivering leading edge initiatives, there are currently more opportunities here than ever before.

Studying Chemistry? Want to care for people? Become a Pharmacist

Hear why current Pharmacy students and their tutors are excited about the future of the profession in Northern Ireland - and the growing number of roles available.

Over 1,100 jobs for Northern Ireland pharmacy in the next five years

There is now exciting news for all those interested in pharmacy jobs in Northern Ireland with more than 1,100 additional jobs being announced by the Department of Health NI in November 2020.

The job opportunities will see many new pharmacy roles created, including up to 560 community, hospital and general practice pharmacists and over 600 pharmacy technicians across Northern Ireland.

The search and recruitment process will be supported by the ‘Pharmacy Futures NI’ joint campaign, launched by the Department of Health for Northern Ireland and Pharmacy Forum NI – the professional leadership body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland.

Sheelin McKeagney, Chair of Pharmacy Forum NI, said: “Over the past decade we have seen increased demand for pharmacy jobs in Northern Ireland. This has now given the sector an opportunity to attract, recruit and retain more pharmacists in NI.”

Cathy Harrison, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Department of Health Northern Ireland, explained: “There is a growing demand for pharmacy jobs in Northern Ireland and this brings a need to recruit additional pharmacists, alongside skilled pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support staff.”

The new Pharmacy Futures NI campaign will promote the career locally and highlight the exciting new era which the pharmacy profession is entering with the new surge in pharmacy jobs in the province.

Pictured are: Cathy Harrison, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Department of Health for Northern Ireland and Sheelin McKeagney, Chairman, Pharmacy Forum NI 

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Just qualified or thinking of moving to Northern Ireland? The job prospects have never been better with more opportunities becoming available.

Workforce planning across the next five years has created 500+ new roles. Click here for more information.

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